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The One Hundred Thirty-Second Ohio General Assembly is the current meeting of the Ohio state legislature, composed of the Ohio State Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives. It convened in Columbus, Ohio on January 3, 2017 and is scheduled to adjourn December 31, 2018. The apportionment of legislative districts is based on the 2010 United States Census and 2011 redistricting plan. Both the Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representatives were retained by the Ohio Republican Party.

2017 Assembly Composition

Ohio State Senate: The 2016 election saw Ohio maintain its historic supermajority in the Senate, adding yet another seat in favor of Republicans. Republicans now hold 24 of the 33 Senate seats, while Democrats hold only 9. Highly contested races included:

·        Senate District 16: Stephanie Kunze (R), State Representative for House District 24, defeated Cathy Johnson (D) with 59% of the vote. Kunze replaced Senator Jim Hughes, who was term limited in the Senate and won election in Kunze’s former House district.

·        Senate District 24: Former State Rep. Matt Dolan (R) defeated Emily Hagan (D) with 58% of the vote.

·        Senate District 30: Frank Hoagland (R-Adena), a business owner and former Navy SEAL, defeated Incumbent Lou Gentile (D- Steubenville) with 53% of the vote.


Ohio State House of Representatives: Ohio House Republicans gained another seat during the election to add to its supermajority. Republicans now hold 66 of the 99 House seats, with Democrats holding only 33. Highly contested races included:

·        House District 3: Rep. Theresa Gavarone (R), who filled the vacant seat in August, defeated Kelly Wicks (D) with 59% of the vote.

·        House District 5: Incumbent Tim Ginter (R) defeated John Dyce (D) with 71% of the vote.

·        House District 16: Dave Greenspan (R), a Cuyahoga County Councilman, defeated Tommy Greene (D) with 56% of the vote.

·        House District 17: Former teacher Adam Miller (D) defeated John Rush (R) with 54% of the vote.

·        House District 20: Incumbent Heather Bishoff (D) defeated Lisa Schacht (R) with 53% of the vote.

·        House District 28: Incumbent Jonathan Dever (R) defeated Jessica Miranda (D) with 58% of the vote.

·        House District 37: Incumbent Kristina Roegner (R) defeated Casey Weinstein (D) with 57% of the vote.

·        House District 43: Incumbent Jeff Rezabek (R) defeated David Sparks (D) with 61% of the vote.

·        House District 47: Incumbent Derek Merrin (R), recently appointed, defeated Lauri Cooper (D) with 61% of the vote.

·        House District 55: Incumbent Nathan Manning (R) defeated Kelly Kraus Menchke (D) with 61% of the vote.

·        House District 57: Dick Stein (R) defeated Tom Dunlap (D), Huron County Commissioner, with 62% of the vote.

·        House District 79: Incumbent Kyle Koehler (R) defeated Alex Wendt (D) with 61% of the vote.

·        House District 89: Incumbent Steven Arndt (R), appointed one year ago, defeated Lawrence Hartlaub (D) with 61% of the vote.

·        House District 94: Jay Edwards (R) defeated Sarah Grace (D) with 58% of the vote.

·        House District 95: Incumbent Andy Thompson (R) defeated Ginny Favede (D) with 62% of the vote.


For publications and information on Ohio ACTE's Legislative priorities, visit the Legislative Toolkit Page.

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Ohio General Assembly:

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