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Public Relations/Communicators Division

October 2022 OACTE PR Division Update

Thank you to everyone who could attend yesterday’s OACTE PR Division meeting, and an especially big thank you to Alicia Mowry for presenting! We all walked away with great ideas for keeping in touch with accepted students.

For those who couldn’t attend, you can  view the recorded meeting here or find the link in our Google Drive doc.

Meeting Summary

  • Welcome and introduction of Heidi Clevinger, Lorain County JVS
  • Following up with accepted students - Alicia Mowry
  • OACTS Videos
  • November’s presentation topic – Social media best practices with Britany Greenwalt

Alicia’s Presentation

Planning Document & Email Examples - This document has the overall strategy, plan, and links to the emails DACC sent.

OACTS Videos

We can share these videos on our social media or in promotional emails. The main idea is that programs are available to students through the Ohio Technical Centers after graduation. The ‘School Principals & Counselors’ version prompts our partner districts to think about those students who are about to graduate but don’t have a plan yet for what’s next. The ‘Students and Families’ version prompts families who may be stressed about what’s next to explore the Ohio Technical Center’s programs as an affordable option after graduation.

What’s Next OACTS Video – School Principals & Counselors

What’s Next OACTS Video – Students and Families

Ohio Technical Centers Website

December OACTE PR Division Meeting – In Person!

We are confirming a date and location for an in-person meeting in December. I will send a separate email with details and a registration link.

September 2022 OACTE PR Division Update

Thank you to everyone who attended our Fall Check In Meeting on the 14thA recording of the meeting can be found here. Below is a quick rundown of items we promised to follow up on and/or share after the meeting.

Division Leadership

We didn’t actually address this at the meeting, but I wanted to share that Heidi Clevinger (Lorain County JVS) and Britany Greenwalt (Pickaway Ross CTC) have both stepped up to co-lead the PR Division with me. You may be hearing from any of the three of us regarding meetings, professional development opportunities, and other division news. Thank you to both Heidi & Britany! They have a wealth of knowledge to share & I’m excited to serve this group alongside them.

Intel Talking Points

These are talking points specifically for educators provided by Intel. Many of us in Central Ohio are already receiving phone calls from reporters and will refer to this for messaging.

Intel Presentation Slides

Many of our superintendents have already received this presentation. It’s an overview of the type of workforce Intel is looking for. My superintendent is out until Tuesday, so I will share it with everyone when he gets back unless someone else has a copy they can share.

Professional Development

Please see a rundown of monthly meetings we will plan to hold throughout the school year. Meeting invites will go out as soon as we lock in dates with the speakers. All meetings will be recorded and sent out afterward if you’re not able to make it.


Many of us have anniversaries coming up or just recently past and I see a great opportunity to learn from each other. Please take a moment to add your school, opening date, and anniversary date to this Google Sheet. We’ll continue to talk about anniversary ideas throughout the next few years.

OTC Webinar

The Ohio Technical Centers (the association of our adult ed centers) is holding a webinar specifically for 11th & 12th grade families who maybe don’t have a plan for what to do after graduation. We are asking that everyone share this promo about the webinar on your own social media, in your newsletter to parents, and to your associate districts. Here is the content and a few graphics are attached:


Special event for 11th & 12th grade parents: In-demand, well-paid jobs in Ohio are going unfilled. Teens and families need information about these 21st century career options in emerging technologies and how to gain the skills for these jobs. Ohio Technical Centers provide post-secondary educational opportunities in a wide variety of fields including healthcare, computers, culinary, welding, HVAC, automation, and many more. Join representatives from the Ohio Technical Centers and At The Core for an informative, free webinar on October 13 at 6:30 pm. Register:


OTC Videos

Here are the two videos that were developed to promote the OTC’s – please feel free to share these on their own or alongside promotions about the webinar:

Video for students & parents

Video for high school counselors & K-12 superintendents

Adult Ed Mailers

If you have examples of mailers that you have sent to seniors about adult education classes, please share them with this group.

2021-2022 OACTE PR Division Updates

Please take a moment to watch this video message to get caught up on all things OACTE PR.

Here are important dates/links to go along with the video:

New OACTE PR Division Google Drive

  • New location!
  • Save the above link to your favorites
  • Be sure to check the Contacts spreadsheet & keep your district’s contact info up-to-date

    Discussion Forum

    The forum is open to all of those interested in PR/Communications for CTE.  Please sign into the web site in the upper right hand corner to participate.  NOTE:  Only Ohio ACTE members may participate in the discussion forum, so you must sign in.

    Public Relations Division 


     Zoom meetings: January 2020 Meeting Date TBD


    Alicia Mowry

    Public Information Officer

    Delaware Area Career Center

    Winter 2020 Update from the Chair:

    First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who reached out to wish us luck on our Virtual Open House event & to those of you who followed up to see how it went. I feel so grateful to have made such good friends in this group and especially now, that I’m able to meet and get to know so many more of you.

    If you haven’t held your Open House yet, don’t forget to check out the list we compiled of who is holding in person vs virtual. Reach out to any of these individuals for tips or lessons-learned.

    Open House

    Our event went better than expected last night. In total, we had 673 visitors – 349 parents and 324 students. All of our instructors were in their own Microsoft Teams room & held 3 sessions. We highly recommend pairing an instructor with a moderator. Very few people wanted to turn their cameras or microphones on, so a lot of the interaction came in through the chat, which is hard to moderate while you’re presenting. We also provided this document to every registrant ahead of time, which was really helpful. Kudos to Mary Siekman & Tiffany McComas from our team for putting this all together!

    Buckeye Career Center and Ohio Hi-Point also held virtual Open House events this week. Great job & congratulations, Kelsey & Shyanne!

    Application Numbers

    If you don’t mind sharing, how do your application numbers look compared to this time last year? We are sitting at 267 applications. At this time last year, we had 519. We knew going in that applications would increase at a much slower rate this year, but it’s still hard to see the dip. What are you experiencing? Feel free to reply-to-all or send directly to me & I’ll compile some answers in one email.

    Virtual Tours

    If you’re interested in the concept of a virtual tour or just want to see what everyone else’s career centers look like, take a look at these virtual tours that are now live! Great work to everyone involved!

    Ohio Hi-Point




    Have a great weekend! You are all doing amazing things that no one in our positions have ever done before. We should all be patting ourselves on the back for a job well done.

    Alicia Mowry

    Public Information Officer

    Delaware Area Career Center

    Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education

    38 Commerce Park Dr. Suite D, Westerville, Ohio
    (614) 890-ACTE (2283)
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